Fromis9 Latest Song #Menow: Hit or a Miss?

Fromis9 Latest Song #Menow: Hit or a Miss?

Fromis9 latest song, #MeNow,” is their first since then. As much as there were problems along the way—like Jang Gyuri leaving—the wait is finally over. There were also a few scams that involved K-pop fans. Fans had been looking forward to this moment with great excitement. Let’s talk about what the girls brought to the table this morning now that that’s out of the way.

Fromis9 Latest Song #Menow: It’s still the same old Fromis 9, but that’s okay.

Fromis9 Latest Song #Menow: Hit Or A Miss?

Fromis 9 is known for putting out high-quality music, and “#MeNow” is no different. As with their other songs, “Love Bomb” and “We Go” are likely to hook you right away with this one as well. For some, though, those appealing parts might not quite hit the mark, and the song might sound more like a standard dance-pop B-side than something that stands out.

Fromis9 Latest Song #Menow: A chorus that’s not quite done, but the beat keeps going

It’s exciting and has a happy core like “Get Lucky,” but “#MeNow” goes more toward a generic dance-pop vibe than anything else from those two styles. I find it strange that the chorus, which should be a happy time, doesn’t feel fully cooked. The rhythm of the song, on the other hand, keeps going, giving it life even in the last few minutes. Even though it might not be as good as some of their other albums, it is still a welcome return for longtime fans of the band.

What’s the deal with “#MeNow”? What works and what doesn’t?

While Fromis 9 has made a lot of music, “#MeNow” is probably one of the songs that fits in the middle. Perhaps it won’t become a classic right away like “Love Bomb,” but it’s still a nice addition to their discography. The song is nice for relaxing listening because it’s not hard to follow. You won’t want to stop listening to it. Even if the chorus doesn’t hit home for everyone, the song is still worth listening to because of how intense and positive it makes you feel.

Fromis9 Latest Song #Menow: Finally, a remarkable return to the scene

“#MeNow” is a welcome addition to Fromis9 musical journey. Even though the band doesn’t think of it as their masterpiece. As long as they keep making great music that fits a lot of different tastes. The band will continue to surprise. This song is a nice example of the style that Fromis 9 is known for. Which fans will enjoy. Additionally, if you are hearing it for the first time, it is a nice song that you might want to add to your playlist. Therefore, whether you are a die-hard fan or just like to listen occasionally. You should give “#MeNow” a listen and see if it suits your tastes. –koin303